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Ayurveda- Yoga Sister Science & Selfcare: Refilling the Well

Ayurveda- Yoga Sister Science & Selfcare: Refilling the Well

Take your yoga and self care practices to a whole new level! Join Nanette Bowen for a special three hour interactive presentation to discover your constitution, tips to find balance, and rejuvenate your mind body and spirit!

About the course:

Ayurveda: Exploring Yoga’s Sister Science

Ayurveda is the oldest codified holistic and preventative oriented health care system in the world. The Sanskrit word, Ayurveda, translates as the science of life. True to its name, Ayurveda looks to the principles of nature, harmony, and rhythm to help individuals better understand their unique health profiles and to come into alignment with the nature that exists both within and around them.

During this discussion we will explore core Ayurvedic concepts, including the five elements (Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth), and the three doshas (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha) which contribute to the make-up of our constitution. We will also discuss methods for modifying daily and seasonal routines to create balance in the body, mind, and spirit.

Ayurveda Selfcare: Refilling the Well

Learn about the subtle forms of the doshas called Prana (Vata), Tejas (Pitta) and Ojas (Kapha) that represent the refined essences of the doshas. Learn about Ayurvedic daily routines (dinacharya practices) to give these life-giving substances a boost with an eye toward practices intended to improve immunity and wellness in body, mind and spirit.

Ayurveda: Exploring the Subdoshas

Each of the doshas has five subdoshas. According to ancient Ayurvedic texts, the subdoshas relate to specific areas of the body and perform specific functions. We’ll explore these fundamental ideas through discussion and the use of postures. We’ll place special emphasis on the Vata dosha (Ether and Air Elements), as it often incites imbalances due to its mobile quality. Balance is associated with good health (described in Ayurveda as much more than the absence of disease) whereas imbalance is associated with ill health. In this workshop you’ll learn how to use your own body wisdom to move toward a balanced state.

Cost $35, sign up before 3/31 and save $5

Saturday April 22, 12:00pm-3:00pm

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Cats on Mats- Benefit for Humane Society of West Mi

Cats on Mats- Benefit for Humane Society of West Mi

“May all beings be Happy and Free”
Join Seva Yoga and the HSWM for this unique class pairing all levels yoga and our feline friends. Adoptable kittens will be in the studio during practice freely roaming, purring as you practice, and maybe a special savasana snuggle!

Cost $20, $15 for auto renew members

6-7:15 FULL
7:30-8:45 FULL

*All proceeds benefit HSWM, not recommended for students with allergies

Camp Seva ALL inclusive Yoga & Adventure Retreat

Camp Seva ALL inclusive Yoga & Adventure Retreat

Do your 2017 goals include more yoga, travel, nature & adventure? Join Melissa for our third annual Camp Seva Retreat! At this ALL inclusive weekend you will enjoy the following:

*Daily yoga and meditation classes.
*High ropes course/Zip Line, SUP (weather permitting) & Horseback riding (Pick 2).
*Brew tasting at Newaygo Brewing Co.
Enjoy local craft beer/cider/wine
*Hammocks are available throughout the weekend retreat for extra relaxation. Want a solo adventure? Take a hike on one of their trails.
*Evening Campfires/Community & Smores
*Well balanced vegan meals will be prepared for retreat attendees. Can provide gluten free options.
*Shared accommodations in Camp Henrys well appointed cabins.

Specific itinerary on YOGA, FOOD and FUN will be provided 1 week prior to the weekend!

When? May 19th-21st
Where? Camp Henry Newaygo, Mi
How much? $349 ALL inclusive
How do I sign up?

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Lets get outside and play!

MELT Restorative Yoga+Massage

MELT Restorative Yoga+Massage

Melissa Tungl & The Wellness Collective have partnered to create the ultimate relaxation experience.  This fusion class will incorporate elements of breath, gentle flow, and restorative yoga, in a sequence designed to restore the nervous system and relieve chronic tension.

During the restorative portion of the class, each student will receive several minutes of hands on massage with Kate & Jenny from the Wellness Collective.

Where?  Seva Yoga
When?  3/24 6-8pm
Price?  $35

Due to the intimate nature of the class, space is very limited. Treat yourself to this unique experience!

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Free Fridays. Yoga with a View

Free Fridays. Yoga with a View

Free Fridays Yoga SUMMER LINEUP!
Sponsored by Seva Yoga & Grand Rapids Parks and Rec

Bring your mat & tell your friends!
Friday May 12
Downtown GR, Blue Bridge 6:00pm-7:00pm

Facebook event – click HERE

Josh Feister

Josh Feister

1.  What originally brought you to yoga?
My whole life I had been interested in Eastern Spirituality and its connection to science and a modern scientific worldview, and its claims on being able to master and understand the mind. I was always a lay fan of Buddhism and esoterism until I moved to Grand Rapids. It became clear that I need an outlet to center myself and express myself as a way to balance a stressful work environment. A friend of mine invited me to Yoga at Seva and I haven’t left since.

2.  What keeps you coming back?
No matter how stressed or tense I am, I know I can do something holistically positive for myself on my mat.

3.  What is your favorite asana and why?

4.  What do you love about Seva?
The eclectic background and interests of all of the teachers makes every class a new experience.

5.  What do you bring off your mat from your practice?
Willpower, mindfulness and compassion

6.  Favorite Book:
Thought as a system by David Bohm

7.  Favorite Place to Visit:
Northern Michigan

8.  Food:
No bake cookies