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Sara Van Horn

Sara Van Horn

1.What originally brought you to yoga?
I started attending yoga classes 4 years ago. I had become an avid runner, participating in a lot of 5k races, and my knees and hips were suffering. It was suggested to me that I do yoga a few times a week to help strengthen my knees and open my tight hips.

2. What keeps you coming back?
The yoga classes I was going to were helping. I noticed a difference in my running. Even my posture and breathing improved! And I met great people at the classes who were all so different. Some athletes like me, others were parents who needed the calming meditative part of yoga. And college students looking to de-stress and older men and women who were trying to stay flexible and healthy. It was great! I thought yoga truly is for every body!

3. What is your favorite asana and why?
Half moon (Ardha Chandrasana) is my favorite asana because it is hard for me to do. But the days when I can fully open my hips and keep my balance and breathe I feel so strong and full of light. It makes the days of struggle worth it.

4. What do you love about Seva?
I love the wide selection of classes and teachers to choose from. And I love the community. The people I have met while on  my mat and then reconnected with outside of the studio. These people keep me honest and encourage me in my practice and in my life.

5. What do you bring off your mat from your practice?
Patience. I admittedly used to be a person who would easily get frustrated, angry or annoyed. Years of yoga practice and calming down my ego have taught me patience with myself and with others.

6. Favorite Book
My favorite book right now is Living your Yoga by Judith Lasater. I love her stories and honesty. It’s been my nightly go to and premeditation guide during my yoga teacher training classes.

7. Favorite Place to Visit
The Rond-a-vue cottage on Lake Michigan during the summer months. Warm sunshine, calming waves and great company!

8. Food
Vegetable Korma…yum!

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