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Courtney Protor

Courtney Protor

1. What originally brought you to yoga?
After going through treatment for breast cancer I was looking for a way to get my physical strength back and yoga appealed to me because I thought in addition to gaining physical strength it would help me in my search for connecting mind, body and soul.

2. What keeps you coming back?
I found the connection I was looking for and then some – yoga is so much more of a spiritual experience than I imagined. And also much more physically difficult than I thought it would be! Yoga has become one of the ways I express my gratitude to the universe for this beautiful life and one of the ways I feel the love the universe has for me and all creation.

3. What is your favorite asana and why?
Cow face because the first time I sat in that pose with my palms connected to the arches of my feet and my chest on my knee I was so overcome with a feeling of love that it brought me to tears. And every time I return to that pose, regardless of how many times I have been there, I am met with a showering of love that gently urges me to release what I have been holding onto and no longer need.

4. What do you love about Seva?
Pretty much everything!! I would not have gained as much as I have from yoga without the truly wonderful teachers who are so open and caring and make Seva what it is. I love the ambiance of the studio so much that I often imagine myself there when I am meditating at home. Also the students are so wonderful and help create such great energy.

5. What do you bring off your mat from your practice?
The three big things I have learned and that I have truly been able to incorporate into my daily life are:
1. Don’t panic (and I used to…a lot)
2. BREATHE (which I was not very good at in the past given all the panic)
3. You can do more than you tell yourself you can do

6. Favorite Book
Eat Pray Love which may sound cliche but I laughed, I cried and I was inspired to make positive changes in my life. What more could I ask for in a book?

7. Favorite Place to Visit
My father-in-law’s house in Florida. It is such a relaxing, tropical, beautiful get away and doesn’t break the bank!

8. Food
Pasta. Or nachos. I really love food so pretty much anything vegetarian would make the list!

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