class descriptions

This energizing and empowering class combines pranyama with a continuous flow of asana. Build strength, increase endurance, release tension and find flexibility in this vigorous practice. *not recommended during pregnancy

A slow flow of postures set to music. Strengthen and lengthen in a relaxed way. All levels welcome.

A contemplative practice in which participants hold floor postures for longer periods of time while softening the muscles and focusing on the breath. Poses are chosen to stimulate the connective tissues and direct energy, bringing vitality to the entire body while promoting stress relief, meditation and relaxation.

A restorative and relaxing practice ideal for new students or anyone wishing to find their center. Perfect for students with chronic symptoms such as muscle joint pain, stiffness, stress and fatigue. A good choice during pregnancy as well.

Through Yin/Yang Yoga, we come to an understanding of the balance of relationships, “that without hot, there would be no cold and vice versa. This Half and Half class balances energizing Yang asanas—that challenge and strengthen the body—with deep hip, spine, and chest openers related to the stillness and acceptance of the feminine Yin—which challenges and strengthens the mind. Perfect to de-stress and reset. All levels welcome

Leave behind the demands of the day with our Candlelight Yoga class. The studio will be filled with soft candlelight and relaxing music, as we guide you through a slower flow focused on longer holds and deeper stretches. But beyond the physical poses, Candlelight also includes mindfulness practices and pranayama breathing, creating an experience that is equal parts expansive and rejuvenating.

All Levels class offered by Seva apprentice instructors. This class connects breath to safe & accessible sequencing and is intended to leave you feeling fresh and balanced. Perfect for anyone looking to begin a vinyasa practice, and also students with experience looking for simplicity. *Apprentice teacher

All Levels class offered by rotating Seva apprentice instructors. This community class connects breath to safe & accessible sequencing and is intended to leave you feeling fresh and balanced. *Apprentice teacher

This specialty class combines intelligent sequencing and detailed alignment to access a chosen posture for the week. A “how to” access and understand yoga postures from the inside out. You will gain a deeper understanding of how postures can affect us physically, mentally and energetically. The session will include a warm up, breathwork, clear progression to a peak posture, counter posture, and cool down. *Appropriate for ALL levels.