class descriptions

This energizing and empowering class combines pranyama with a continuous flow of asana. Build strength, increase endurance, release tension and find flexibility in this vigorous practice.

Unlock the power within you and let your light shine it’s brightest. In this Ashtanga inspired vinyasa practice, you will clear out the things that get in the way of being powerfully present and aware. Power Yoga will challenge you through asana, pranyama and meditation.

A slow flow of postures set to music. Strengthen and lengthen in a relaxed way. All levels welcome.

A contemplative practice in which participants hold floor postures for longer periods of time while softening the muscles and focusing on the breath. Poses are chosen to stimulate the connective tissues and direct energy, bringing vitality to the entire body while promoting stress relief, meditation and relaxation.

A restorative and relaxing practice ideal for new students or anyone wishing to find their center. Perfect for students with chronic symptoms such as muscle joint pain, stiffness, stress and fatigue. A good choice during pregnancy as well.

The Basics: Explore and refresh the basics in this ongoing, beginning yoga class. Learn basic poses, explore breath and refine alignment. Relax and enjoy Yoga in a supportive and uplifting environment. Start your practice; refine your practice here.

Dhyana or meditation, is the sixth limb of Ashtanga Yoga. Spend one hour in a guided meditation practice to enrich your home meditation practice. Perfect pairing after asana.