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Ashley Bedker

Ashley Bedker

1.  What originally brought you to yoga?
My mission in life is to live wholeheartedly.  After a traumatic incident, I was in the healing process and learning to love myself.  Yoga was offered at my place of work and it did not take me long to realize what an amazing tool yoga was for my heart journey. 

2.  What keeps you coming back?
I started on a journey for my heart 6 years ago.  Almost 4 years into my journey, I found yoga and realized how well it aligned with my journey and the way I was trying to live my life.  Through trauma, heartbreak, healing, and love my practice stays with me and through my yoga practice my mind, body, and soul are strengthened as one.  Yoga has dramatically influenced my life and my heart awareness.  The people closest to me even recognize now when it is time for me to practice!

3.  What is your favorite asana and why?
I am a heavily grounded person.  So, any grounding/balancing postures feel like home.  Hip openers are amazing because they help lighten my heart and help me to stop grasping.  So, what better pose is there than Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana?  Root me down and lighten me up at the same time!

4.  What do you love about Seva?
Seva!!  Life brought me to Seva when I needed a safe place to heal and grow.  Nothing but good vibes and love within the walls of Seva.

5.  What do you bring off your mat from your practice?
Yoga helps lighten my heart and keep me open.  Spending time on my mat helps me live in the present without grasping when I am off the mat.

6.  Favorite Book:
When Things Fall Apart by Pema Chodron

7.  Favorite Place to Visit:
Lake Michigan

8.  Food:
It is terrible, but ham is my favorite!


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